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Bonjoge National Reserve

Bonjoge National reserve

Bonjoge is a designated national reserve of 21 km2 area, located on the undulating uplands atop the Nandi Escarpment, only 15 km north of Kisumu.

It was a fertile area of great biodiversity, with rivers, swathed in riverine woodland, flowing down to the Victoria Lake Basin; but, in recent times, underwent exploitation and depletion by human activities. It is now to be protected and restored through the agency of the Kenya Wildlife Service.


Even though, in large part, the millions of stones, rocks and boulders that litter the landscape greatly outnumber the trees, it is still fine country for walking and camping. Bird life is still abundant, particularly in the remaining patches of forest and open-glade grassland. Animals include Olive Baboons, Vervet , Colobus, Red-tailed and De-brazza’s monkeys, Bush Duiker, Bush Pig, Aardvark, Genet Cat and jackal.

It is best to access Bonjoge through the Kaptumek entrance. Follow the route as described for the Nandi Rock and report to the KWS post. You will be directed to go back 1 km and take a left turn (west) onto the access road. After 7 km you will leave your vehicle and proceed on foot for a further 1 km to reach the boundary of the reserve.

Other entrances (“Gates”) are Kajulu (14 km from Kisumu) and Kesengei (10 km south of Serem) but they are not recommended for use as entrances in the near future. Anyway, Katumek offers the added attraction of a visit to Nandi Rock.

There is no accommodation in or near Bonjoge.

Whether on a day excursion or a longer hiking/camping safari, be prepared for rain. Even the local people will tell you Bonjoge rain is especially heavy and exceptionally wet.

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