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Ol Jogi Conservancy

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Ol jogi Ranch is 87000- acre land, located 40 Kilometers from Nanyuki. In the ranch are giraffe, leopard, lion, white rhino and other big game. In fact, it is the only place in Africa with a bear.

The place has a luxurious swimming pool set beneath a cascading waterfall and includes tiger cages with their own swimming pool. The lodge has a unique bedroom chalet located at the towering Ol Jogi rock Kopjes constructed with its own free form lagoon swimming pool offering panoramic views across the plains towards Mount Kenya. The place is ideal for honeymoon and education guests. The guests are generally(nowadays can drive in) expected to fly


Ol Jogi Ranch is another of the famous getaway "playgrounds" for its super rich owners.


Owned by a famous New York French-American family –– the Wildensteins –– it is often used to unwind and escape from the fast-paced life and the hustle and bustle of the largest cities of the world.


Ol Jogi has 200 buildings spread over an area that is five times the size of Manhattan. The ranch employs more than 400 workers, whose main work is to look after and cater for domestic and wild animals.Thirteen thousand acres of the ranch are just reserved for the threatened species of black and white rhinos. The ranch is also home to 2,000 indigenous Borana cattle and 250 camels.


The Wildenstein family originates from France and controls billions of shillings that have been made from owning private art collections and galleries located in New York, Tokyo and Buenos Aires.


As one of the ranches that have an unparalled breathtaking and panoramic landscape, the ranch has the only bear that lives on African soil.Among its scenic beauty are numerous

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